Love Bottle - Pop-up and Retail

Pop-Up - The purpose of this fictional retail Pop-Up is to aid the company Love Bottle to engage new and more customers and spread their message of love. This design will assist Love Bottle in accomplishing that goal by attracting more people and making the retail Pop-Up store stand out. The location of this pop-up will be in Fort Bragg, California near the Glass Beach. The purpose of this Pop-Up being near the Glass Beach is because of the amount of tourism it will attract and the relatability of the glass aspect. The design of Love Bottle Pop-Up will be inspired by the feeling of love, joy, excitement, freedom, traveling, and good vibes.

Retail - This project is also involved in the mixed-use development project. The client, Love Bottle, was used previously for a Pop-Up project and now the goal was to create a brick-and-mortar retail space for the Love Bottle company.